Beginning the building of the slomo booth!

Today we finally began on the developing process!!! We started by taking a group fieldtrip to Lowes where we bought all sorts of cool stuff to build the Slomo Booth! Then we went back to the Tank Base to begin transforming an old AV cart into the Slomo booth. Progress to be continued…

Design of the Slo-Mo Booth has begun!

TANK has begun the initial design work for the Slo-Mo booth.  Along with developing 3D models, we are also working on finishing up our website and promotional videos.  The first glimpse of what the final product should look like will be coming out in the next week or so!

Slo-mo booth logo


I was given the job to create the Slo-mo booth logo, a very fun task in itself. I tried going for fun energetic colors that would capture the essence of the slo-mo booth. Tank was very excited to get the ball rolling on this project because it involved each one of us to collaborate our ideas into one, which is what Tank is exactly for.The final presentation will be coming soon!


Tank has begun work on a project called we’re calling Slo-Mo Booth.  The point of this project is to develop a product to market to the Georgia Southern community.

More info coming soon…

What Does Southern Listen To?

100 individuals were surveyed to find out what songs and artists Georgia Southern Students are into, and through what service are they listening to them.


Members of The Circle surveyed students here at Georgia Southern University and asked them about the music they listen to!


As well as asking students what they listen to, we asked how they listen to their music.


Music Info Graphic

Screen Grabs!


Check out our project file in After Effects! Tons of layers and pre-compositions because we are doing design and custom transitions inside AE. Keep a look out, we might be posting some more animation tests and Cinema 4d project file screen grabs soon.Screenshot Editor (2)Screenshot Editor (1)

Animation Test

Here is an early animation test with temp sound for the video we are working on based on what Georgia Southern listens to. It’s going to be a really fun video with a lot of 2D and 3D animation.


Tank Logo

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.56.06 PM

Right now I’m working on the Tank logo. My idea was on the concept of the think tank. With this job we will have to collaborate all of our creative abilities to create greatness. We will use both sides of our brain. Both logic and imagination. We will create a “tank” of ideas flowing into one.


Tank’s First Project

Here’s a concept piece from Tanks first project! We are making a motion graphics video based on a survey asking Georgia Southern students what they listen to.GSlisten_FrameGrab_00151

About Us

The goal of Tank is to create and innovate through collaboration with the organization and beyond!

Garrett’s Bio

Garrett’s Bio

Garrett Manley is a junior computer science major with a minor in information systems.  He enjoys working with all things computing and hopes to one day work as a software engineer with a focus in enterprise systems.

Kate’s Bio

Kate’s Bio

Kate Rakoczy is a fourth year studio major with a minor in marketing. She aspires to work in product development and illustration. She also loves waffles, Harry Potter, puppies, and watching parks and recreation.

James’s Bio

James’s Bio

James Harker is a freshman Multimedia Communications major with emphasis in film and video. He enjoys both the technical and creative aspects of creating video content. James aspires to work as an ditigal imaging technician or colorist.